I am a regular person with an avid curiosity for 2 subjects: ancient mythology and astronomy.  On the surface, they haven’t got anything in common but I’ve learned differently.

Since a young age, I’ ve always been attracted to “look up” to the sky.  I was also influenced by my mum who was keen to understand how our solar system works, despite being herself illiterate.  I find our night sky beautiful and admiring our stars and planets, has logically triggered the question of whether or not we are alone in this universe/multiverses.

Studying myths and folklore from different parts of the world and throughout the ages, was fascinating as I saw more and more similarities about stories of our origin from every corner of the Earth. Ancient tribes, native elders, religious books all talk about star people: visitors from the stars who came to Earth and interacted with the human race.

It takes respect for these ancient cultures, it takes an open mind to listen to their stories and accept them for what they actually depict.  Once you do that, the logic is breathtaking and you are on the path of understanding humanity’s true past, present and future and our ongoing fascination for space exploration.

Starvisitors is my blog, a collection of observations and an ongoing quest for truth.  Hope you enjoy it!

Hess 🙂